National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment
Museum of Mineralogy and petrology


2nd Hall

Minerals and rocks from the second hall
(Minerals, rocks, ores, meteorites, fluorescent minerals)

The back of this room is dominated by a triple fixture case. In case M1, the term mineral is defined and the properties of minerals are analysed. A sample of quartz about 20 cm long from north Urals area in the polar circle is presented, containing clorite inclusions and «phantom crystal», as well as the structure of the sphalerite crystal (ZnS) and a sample of opal, a typical mineraloid.

 In case M2 the term rock is defined and a description provided of the various ways rocks are formed. One can observe examples of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rock.

 Case M3 contains minerals of economic interest, specifically ores, industrial minerals and energy raw materials, with characteristic samples from each category (pyrite, sulphur and lignite respectively).

Case M4 contains reference to the various types of meteorites. Tektites, and stone-meteorites are presented as well as an exceptional sample of an iron meteorite found in Argentina.

Case M5 is in a special darkened room that houses one of the largest collections in Europe of fluorescent and phosphorescent minerals. Illuminating the samples with ultraviolet light in short, medium and long wavelengths cause the wonderful spectacle of the minerals’ luminescence.